Wether you want to close this year carefully, or start the next one empowered, ask yourself?

Do you want your team to engage,
communicate, create, perform & smile

Then start fostering their connection and the experience of fun and play at work. Science shows, that human connection, playfulness and productivity relate much more to each other than we think. Make learning edutainment and turn work into a constant experiment and watch producivity leap. Healthy competitiveness leads to an increase of skills. Our facilitative leadership style approach fosters connection, transformation readyness & innovation ability. Are you as curious as our other participants?

7 Team Experiences that transform your team

We created a lot of team experience and here are the seve best of them. When work becomes a place of self-realisation, it unlocks unparalleled potential in everyone, benefiting both the business and its customers. Thus the employee experience is paramount to us. Our methods focus on harnessing individual strengths towards a collective team spirit and productivity. Without this spirit, work can become disengaged, even heartless. We skillfully merge passion and purpose in our offerings, ensuring a holistic approach to make work work better.Dive in:

BlitzPitch | Human Connection Lab | My Land Is Our Land | Spicy WarmUp Games | Workshop-Workshop | Smells Like Team Spirit | | StorytellingBonfire | + Extra: Team Dance

WE WORKED WITH: ADAC | Allianz | Bosch | BPIE | Coneon | Consors Bank | Creation Center Deutsche Telekom | DAAD | Daimler AG | Danone | DEVK | Deutsche Bank | Deutsche Energie Agentur | Deutsche Lufthansa AG | Deutsche Telekom AG | Edeka Bank | FARE | Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung | Friedrich Naumann Stiftung | FU Berlin | GIZ | Hasso Plattner Institut | HPI School for Design Thinking | IAS-Gruppe | IBM | Immobilien Akademie IREBS | KPMG | Kaeser | KfW | Landesbank NRW | LEAG | Leuphana Universität | Mars | MyToys | Nairobi Design Week | Pangea Festival | PIDAS AG | PSA Opel | RKW | Roland Berger | SAP | Secupay | Sanofi | Stadtreinigung Hamburg | Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz | Strathmore University Nairobi | Swisscom AG | Turkish Aerospace Industries | Umweltbundesamt | Volksbanken | WeQ Institut | Wikipedia | Wirtschaftsministerium Thüringen | ZHAW

Customer Testimonials

Steffen, I would like to thank you most sincerely today for your great preparatory work and the implementation of the two-day workshop. The feedback from the participants was highly positive. You and your team have created an extremely hopeful momentum for an essential societal sector.Peter Spiegel, Director WeQ Institute

The workshop offered a wealth of information, tricks and tools that we can apply in future projects. The contents were well structured, 100% individually tailored to us and were worked out together in an understandable way.
Göran, as a workshop leader, was super prepared, committed and competent! He managed to keep the team interested and create an inspiring learning atmosphere. He made us feel comfortable, and a positive energy was palpable. It was great to see that everyone was actively involved. A big thank you to you, dear Göran, for the inspiring day.
Saskia Schneeberger | CONEON

I had the pleasure of working with Goran recently, he designed and facilitated a workshop for our organization, and he did an excellent job.
One of the things that stood out about Goran's facilitation style was his ability to move us through multiple steps of the workshop without making us feel hurried or rushed. He had a natural knack for keeping the momentum going while ensuring that everyone had a chance to contribute and share their ideas. His approach encouraged collaboration and sparked creativity among the group, resulting in a highly productive and fruitful workshop. Göran's ability to create such a positive and enthusiastic environment truly made a difference in the outcome of the session.
Nitha Karanja | NBST Nairobi

Our special thanks go to you (Mr Bahnsen) and your team! You have masterfully understood how to motivate and animate the groups quickly, leading them to excellent results. That made an impression!"Birger Kriwet, Board of Directors Volksbank

"From the preparation to the training itself to the follow-up, Göran delivered a highly interactive programme with activities that broke down barriers and encouraged participants to turn their individuality into team-oriented results. Overall, it is an inspiring programme with clearly formulated goals for each participant to take away and implement. "Anil Rodricks, Country Manager Australia at Lufthansa Group

"His workshops are structured to the point and offer a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises and group work. In addition, Göran is an excellent communicator and motivates people to think outside the box. He encourages taking new perspectives and pursuing innovative approaches.
His passion is contagious and helps to exploit his full creative potential. His expertise inspires me, his ability to inspire people and his excellent way of making complex concepts accessible. "
Philip Seubert | Infraserv

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Fast-track product, service or cultural development through the BlitzPitch.This high-adrenaline team game sharpens creativity, team building, and presentation skills. Teams quickly tackle problems, brainstorm, prototype, and then stage lightning pitches. Think of it as the year's best advertising clips.Goals & Learnings: Pitch ready ideas or quick&dirty prototpyes wrapped in a show to foster communication, creativity and presentation skills while team bondingAs desired: Online, 20-250 participants, 2-4h.
#action #innovation #competition

Human Connection Lab

Enhance year-end celebrations with genuine connections.The Human Connection Lab promotes deeper relationships and understanding, particularly during challenges. It’s ideal for conferences, kick-offs, and new projects. Build relationships and explore diverse personalities in a playful, impactful manner.Goals & Learnings: Human encountering, taking down our masks, honesty while nurturing team bonding and wisdom exchange, team synergyAs requested: offline, 10-300 participants, 1.5-3h.
#connection #self-growth #emotion

Spicy WarmUp Games

Energize your day with our most entertaining and fastest to apply learning journey.Learn unique warm-up games that ignite creativity, break barriers, and enhance team spirit. A hands-on experience tailored to boost energy and camaraderie which you can integrate up from the same day.Goals & Learnings: learn when and how to use warm-ups as measure towards team flow, energizing, teambuilding and fun at work.As desired: online/offline, 8-100 participants, 2-8 hrs.
#fun #energy #team-building

My Land Is Our Land

Enquire cultural team dynamics and heal challenging topics with "My Land Is Our Land".Dive deep into different team cultures, address conflicts, and strengthen synergy. This experience emphasizes story listening over storytelling, unlocking team potential and bridging gaps. Suitable for various team combinations.Goals & Learnings: learn to listen, adapt to diversity and different cultures in one and many teams, solving team related issues, lowering team tensionsAs desired: online/offline, 10-50 participants, 2-8 hrs.
*#teamwork #conflict-resolution #empathy

Smells Like Team Spirit

Cultivate a unified team spirit.Through our approach, infuse daily operations with rituals and significant artifacts. It’s about harnessing collective strength for extensive, effective teamwork, rooted in deep spiritual and personal growth practices.Goals & Learnings: cultivate consciousness and spirit for better collaboration, create genuine and meaningful team rituals.As desired: offline, 10-300 participants, 2h-2d
#teambuilding #business-ritual #sustainability


Revitalize your team formats, workshops, meetings.Instead of more workshops, focus on quality. Learn the intricacies of effective workshop facilitation, from reading rooms to budgeting. We transform standard workshops into impactful Deep Learning Experiences by making you a facilitative leader.Goals & Learnings: The future leader is a facilitator – here you learn the basics of facilitation: reading people, place and process and conduct it like an orchestra.As desired: online/offline, 10-100 participants, 2h-2d

Storytelling Bonfire

Prioritize team communication & enlighenmentWith Storytelling Bonfire, share the year’s highs and lows, extracting value and lessons and enrich storytelling with story-listening.
A reflective exercise that bolsters team alignment and understanding and engages vision for the year ahead.
Goals & Learnings: learn how to gether, see circle work works, having a real bonfire experience, share stories, inspirationAs desired: online/offline, 10-100 TN, 2-8h.
#storytelling #narratives #integration

This is us:

Human, courageous, different, challenging, connecting, and always prepared in detail. 7X are done by us, THE INSPIRACY GROUP, a future skill oriented facilitation agency from Berlin, Germany.

As passionate facilitators and consultants, we champion consciousness-raising in organizations. Our expertise spans transformations and daily organizational needs. We prioritize people over processes: Resourceful Humans, not just resources. Explore our seven tailored offerings for an extraordinary year-end team experience.

GÖRAN HIELSCHER is a seasoned systemic coach, facilitator, design thinker, and speaker with expertise in design, communication, and workshop creation. He's led global workshops on communication, effectiveness, and team building across industries like aviation, automotive, and IT, as well as cultural events focusing on Human Connection. As a world traveller and hobby DJ, he infuses organizations with fresh insights, an upbeat energy and a unique edutainment approach, blending knowledge with experience design and relationship dynamics.

STEFFEN BAHNSEN is a systemic management consultant with a keen design thinking approach and a background in cultural science. Across DACH and Europe, he offers an innovative approach to complexity, strategy, and vision, seamlessly promoting inner calm and empathy. With over a decade of experience, Steffen has aided 100 companies, gleaning insights from various industries. As a sailor, he excels in navigating companies through challenging business climates, ensuring they're optimally positioned.


Experience transformative team building with Ecstatic Dance.Beyond mere steps, it emphasizes freedom, authenticity, and non-verbal communication. This shared dance journey fosters trust and deeper team connections. Dive in and unify your team like never before!Goals & Learnings: team bonding through movement, release and embodiment.As desired: offline, 30-500 participants, 2-4h
Duration approx. 1-2h, optionally with a Yoga/Pilates/etc. -WarmUp of 30min and an acoustic concert and cocoa ritual approx. 30min.

#ecstaticdance #teambuilding #fun
SoundCloud DJ Goranji

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